Furloughing staff - help in avoiding future claims #ukpubs


Advising staff on Furlough leave is fraught with difficulty, there are many templates around right now which purport to give business owners cover - the main concern is that the most common boilerplate templates unilaterally vary the employees contract of employment without their opportunity to consent to the changes to their employment.

This could result in serious claims against the employer by each employee in receipt of an “immediate” change to their job status.

This risk arises because most employment contracts will not permit an employer to reduce an employee's pay, provide them with no work, and change their employment status, without agreement, employers will need to obtain express consent to this change to their terms and conditions. The following service is designed to seek such express consent and is more robust (3 sides long typically as opposed to the 1 page boiler plate version). 

The service below can assist the business owner via live video conference (via zoom/messenger etc) and deal with;


  • Who is eligible?

  • What does "laid off" mean in the context of furlough leave?

  • How do employers apply for a grant?

  • What is "furlough leave"?;

  • What about consideration?

  • What if the employee does not agree to the proposed change?

  • How much Notice do I need to give my employees of furlough status?;

  • How much notice can I give to require my employees to resume usual contractual arrangements and come back to work?

  • Requirement for employee's consent to be placed on furlough leave;



For pub tenants and struggling businesses this is a fantastic opportunity to get peace of mind remove risk of future employee claims for a fixed fee at a very fair price.


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We hope this service will be of use.

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